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The triple work burden of Indonesia’s women unionists 2021-01-07 23:12:02The delicate balancing of labour across the home, workplace and union is no small burden.  The post The triple work burden of Indonesia’s w

The impact of the Indonesian government’s crackdown on 2021-01-07 05:20:36Will the crackdown demonstrate the powerlessness of Islamists or serve as a unifying issue? The post The impact of the Indonesian government’s c

Environmental degradation in Indonesia: lessons from Jambi 2021-01-04 21:10:13Native oligarchs and unscrupulous security apparatuses from the police to the military continue to exploit natural resources with ease and impunity. T

Religious minorities in Indonesia face discriminiation 2020-12-23 21:33:58"Spineless politicians, feckless government bureaucrats, and narrow-minded ulama officials" stand in the way of religious freedom in Indonesia. The

2020: top posts and tipping points in the 2020-12-23 21:30:37There will be few among our readers who have not been touched by the seismic existential challenges of the last 12 months, and we hope that you have b

For human capital or social justice? Indonesia’s study 2020-12-23 01:29:10LPDP has yet to excel in any of the goals it has set for itself. The post For human capital or social justice? Indonesia’s study abroad scholars

Indonesia’s rice racket 2020-12-22 18:20:16Focusing on the actors shows that despite government and lobbyists’ claims about representing small players, their actions more support already

The Thai Navy’s ‘no-response response’ to the proposed 2020-12-21 19:55:14The re-establishment of the First Fleet holds significant implications for Thailand’s small navy. The post The Thai Navy’s ‘no-respo

MDBs in Myanmar: risk regulators on complex infrastructure 2020-12-16 23:03:14Environmental and social risks can emerge from MDBs’ lack of awareness of and responsiveness to local conditions. The post MDBs in Myanmar: risk

Mapping ride-hailing app driver strikes in Vietnam 2020-12-16 01:01:33These actions by app-based drivers indicate an informal but sophisticated level of workers’ self-organisation. The post Mapping ride-hailing app

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