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17th of November 2018

Gaya Hidup

Alacarte: Exclusive Mobile App Rebranded | Jakarta Globe

Jakarta. Alacarte, a smartphone application that offers exclusive deals to subscribers, has rebranded after a year.

After its founding in 2017, Club Alacarte started out in December with a special "buy one, get one" offer at 100 Jakarta restaurants, ranging from casual coffee shops to upmarket, fine-dining establishments.

The key "buy one get one" feature is only available through the app, which enables customers to save money while trying out new foods, with special offers available seven days a week.

Club Alacarte has by now not only expanded to include more than 450 restaurants, it is also branching out with new features.

Although "à la carte" is often associated with food, co-founder and chief executive Ferdinand Sutanto said the French term, which means "according to the menu," is not exclusive to food.

With that in mind, Alacarte's previous logo of a serving plate has been changed to a circle, signifying that the brand encompasses an extended list of offers, ranging from beauty and wellness to fitness, entertainment, everyday services and retail.

And do not be mistaken: Alacarte is not a voucher-offering app like United States-based service Groupon.

"We are completely different from Groupon, because we sell memberships. We are not selling offers, independently. Therefore, we create some form of barrier, exclusivity," Ferdinand explained.

Membership deals can be accessed through the app, which can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple's App Store.

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