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20th of June 2018


Boredom, Neglect, and the Need for Affirmation - The Good Men Project

So, I worked with 5th-12th grade students for over 10 years. Specifically, I led teenagers through the more challenging seasons and questions of their life (to that point).

Even more specifically, I worked with teenagers to help them to seek and find their identity and to understand their value.

It is no surprise to me that, recently, trends like “soap pod eating”, “cinnamon challenge,” “dripping,” etc are making viral waves on social media.

This is the monster we’ve created.

While we promised ourselves we would be the generation that was “different,” the generation that would be FULLY PRESENT for our children… we fail. . .

While we may not be working as long of hours as our parents, we are arguably LESS PRESENT than before.

Social media. Smart phones. Constant comparison. Constant distraction.

You missed the game-winning touchdown of your son’s little league football game because you were on Facebook.

You missed your child’s performance and the wonder in her eyes because you saw it through your smartphone, all so you could upload the “perfect” moment later.

You don’t converse with your family at dinner because everyone has a device on the table.

You can’t even focus at work because you’re wondering how your latest post is engaging…

It’s us. It’s not our children.

We’ve traded time for tablets,

Memories for memes,

Adventures for advertising,

Intimacy for the inanimate.

Our children are bored. Neglected. Hurting.

And it has far less to do with them and far more to do with the environment we’ve created.

The condition of our children and teens is a direct reflection of our condition, parents.

We’ve SHOWN them that there is no more powerful currency than that of SOCIAL AFFIRMATION.


So what can we do?

We trade tv’s for teepees…We cash in Netflix for nature…We choose eye-contact over Ipads.

And while we still choose to believe in a make-believe world of puppets…

We decide to create the characters in this adventure and write our own story.

I hope you will as well.

Previously published on Facebook.

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