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Top 10 Worst Natural Disasters in the WORLD! - The Good Men Project

—Most natural disasters hit us when we least expect. Sometimes we get lucky and avert tragedy, but all too often, they can do massive damage, and even claim innocent lives. It can be hard to predict the climate.

This is a list of the top 10 of the worst natural disasters to ever strike, from brutal floods, deadly hurricanes, tsunamis, blizzards and volcano eruptions! brought to you by Zero2Hero.—

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From devastating floods, to ground shattering earthquakes…find out whichnatural disaster still plagues us today, more than six years after it occurred!Number 10: Hurricane Katrina – 2005.Hurricane Katrina did a lot ofdamage when it made landfall in the southern United States. Touching down in2005, this hurricane ripped up the Gulf Coast and wrecked everything in its path.Being the sixth strongest hurricane that has ever hit the United States at thetime, Katrina really managed to land a fewshots on the jaw of the red, white, and blue. The casualty count alone madeKatrina a true tragedy, with the physical damage that the ocean storm caused alsomade it a financial disaster. Over 81 billion dollars in damages havebeen directly attributed to the hurricane, making it one of the mostexpensive natural incidents that the United States has ever had to grapplewith. And cleanup was not easy, nor was moving past the disaster. Over a millionresidents were estimated to have been displaced as a result of this event. Evento this day, most Americans still remember Katrina and that’s for a reason!Number 9: Haiti Earthquake.Thousands of earthquakes strike countries all overthe world every year. Most of the seismic activity is harmless, and doesn’t doanything that’s worth the notice of anyone but seismologists. Occasionally,however, the planet gives us a wake-up call and reminds us that it’s very verymuch alive underneath our heels. Even having said that, an earthquake with amagnitude of 7.0 is extremely rare and insanely powerful. Terrifyingly so,actually! But, this level of earthquake was exactly what ripped through Haitiback on January 12th of 2010. With an epicenter that was located just off thesouthwest section of Port-Au-Prince, the earthquake rattled Haiti with around 59additional aftershocks the ranged between a 4.2 and a 5.9magnitude and strength. Around 200,000 people died that day, two million werestruck homeless in a single moment, and three million found themselves in needof emergency assistance. That said, the world responded amiably tothis tragedy, and millions of US dollars were dedicated to the Haiti Relief Fund.Number 8: European Heat Wave of 2003.Europe isn’t a hot place the people ofthe continent just aren’t used to scorching heat or sizzling hot summers.The European lifestyle, society, and the economy are all centered around thisfact in ways that most people would never even notice. However, when theEuropean heat wave of 2003 smacked Europe with all of its hot fury, a crisiserupted. Health concerns were raised all over the continent. Droughts even struckmultiple countries, resulting in crop shortages everywhere. Ukraine and thecountries around it were especially hit hard, with the former country losing over75% of its wheat crop! The drought was so bad that there were actually casualtiesresulting from the heatwave. A number of senior citizens simply couldn’t take theweather and passed away, along with some who had never had need of airconditioning units and did not have other means to cool down their core bodytemperature. There hasn’t been a summer that has been hotter than 2003 in Europesince 1540…and even that’s debatable! The 2003 heatwave was certainly one ofthe worst surprise natural attacks to happen in the 2000s and, until all of thesmoke cleared, nobody even expected how bad it was going to be.Number 7: Afghanistan Blizzard Of 2008.Agonizing heat isn’t the only thing Mother Naturecan cook up to throw at humanity. Sometimes crackling cold can be just asbad, if not worse, than the Sun deciding to bear down on everything and everyoneunder its fiery gaze. Back in the winter of 2008, a blizzard, almost unlikeanything that’s ever been seen in modern history, loudly whipped itself up into afury over the skies of Afghanistan. Temperatures in the region fell to belowminus 22 degrees Fahrenheit, and over 70 inches of snow were recorded tohave fallen in the Middle Eastern country. The cold was so chilling that a greatnumber of people froze to death! Over 1337 people, give or take a few, areestimated to have died due to this freak storm. As was mentioned a moment ago,some of these casualties have been attributed to people being frozensolid by the chill, while others were caused by people becoming trapped intheir vehicles and shelters by snowdrifts. Among the Afghan people thatdid survive, a number were struck even harder still with numerous frostbiteamputations having to take place. In fact, over 100 amputations were reported inmedical stations across the country. The damage to livestock was also staggering,and in this society that depends on livestock to eat, like Afghanistan does,this is a big deal!Number 6: Bhola Cyclone – 1970.Hurricanes, tsunamis, and cyclones are some of the deadliest phenomenon on this planet.The Bhola Cyclone, however, was an especially vicious storm system that decided totake its wrath out on Bangladesh back in the 1970s. The storm lashed down at theIndian City with windy arms that cracked and spun up to 115 miles per hour. Thestorm was so horrendous that over 85% of the homes in the area where the cyclonetore through were left in shambles, leaving those who survived its furyhomeless. To make matters worse, it also summoned up a number of powerfullydestructive storm surges that swallowed entire coastal villages without anysemblance of mercy. The total death toll of this single storm is estimatedsomewhere near half a million people.Number 5: Aleppo Earthquake of 1138.One of the deadliest earthquakes ever recorded in the history of mankind, theAleppo earthquake is often ranked somewhere between the 3rd and 1st mostgruesomely powerful shaking of the earth ever recorded. The earthquake is namedafter the city in which it occurred, which happens to be the capital of whatis now Syria. The quake first began to rumble within the depths of the earth onthe 11th of October, 1138. A small quake gave warning to thiscoming disaster a day before. Once the quake began to rock Aleppo, it rumbledthe entire city to the ground…striking columns and pillars into dust andcrushing foundations with the weights of the buildings that had previously satharmoniously atop them. By the time it was all said and done, the city of Aleppowas left traumatized and destroyed by what wasno doubt interpreted as a message from the Syrian Gods, themselves. Over 230,000were counted among the dead of this single tragedy in Aleppo. That said, allthe accounts that we have of the Aleppo disaster are quite dated, and the deathtoll there could have been much worse. We just don’t know! One thing is for sure,though, this earthquake was the kind of travesty that the earth has very seldomseen since.Number 4: Hurricane Andrew – 1992.Hurricane Andrew came into beingquite humbly. A single tropical wave flowed off the west coast of Africa onAugust the 14th of 1992. From such a simple beginning, to a storm that wouldcause the world to shake at its eventual fury, on August 16th of that year thesmall tropical wave that had left the coast of Africa had formed into atropical depression. Picking up steam and force as a wind as it went, it was then that theworld began to take notice of this once humble wave. At first,Andrews power was drawn off by wind shear, and its growth was stunted. But,unfortunately, this was a temporary save, for over the next few days, afterbecoming a major tropical depression, the storm system began to grow larger andlarger and started to spin faster and faster. By this time, Andrew was set on acollision course with the United States, its intentions were clear…it was goingto hammer the North American coast with the gale forest of a thousand freighttrains. In the end, Andrew caused 65 fatalities, and around twenty six billiondollars in property damages. Needless to say, hurricane Andrews name was soonretired, as at the time it struck, it was the sixth costliest hurricane to everhit the continental United States.Number 3: Nevado del Ruiz Volcano Eruption.The volcano eruption of Nevado del Ruiz was not that powerful, if one were onlylooking at the eruption at mere strength alone. Then, almost no one except anexpert would have expected it to cost so much terrifyingly bad damage!Unfortunately the Nevado del Ruiz volcano did anything but erupted quietly.Shortly after the volcano exploded, a great rush of powerful, fast-moving, andmerciless mud flows descended its cliffs. The mud flows then spilled out from thevolcano like dogs of war, crushing and biting down on anything in its path.Tragically, at the end of it all, nearly 25,000 people lay dead. This makes theeruption one of the most tragic and costliest to ever strike Colombia.Number 2: Indian Ocean Earthquake.The Indian Ocean earthquake was one of the mostpowerful earthquakes that had ever registered on the Richter scale. As itsname suggests, the quake struck within the waters of the Indian Ocean, and thus,didn’t initially do much damage. Also, despite coming in at a magnitude of 9.15on the Richter scale, the Indian Ocean earthquake only lasted about 10 seconds.At first glance, it appeared that no one would be hurt…and that was a lucky thing!To since such a terribly powerful shaking of the earth would have devastated mostcountries from the earthquake alone. Unfortunately, this line of thinkingcouldn’t have been more wrong. The quake, you see, may not have lasted very long,but it shook the ocean with enough force to create a massive tsunami thatcollided with all the nearby shores around where the earthquake had occurred.Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South India, and even South Africa were all hit with bruteforce, either directly, or with bad weather. All in all, somewhere between200,000 and 300,000 people died all because of that one earthquake. The powerof the tsunami it created exponentially increased its destructive force, and its reach.Number 1: Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.In 2001, the strongest earthquaketo ever hit Japan struck the country with a magnitude of 9.0. It was unlikeanything that the Japanese had ever seen before, or since. The quake itself killedthousands, but the tsunami waves that it had generatedboosted the casualties it cost up to almost 20,000 people. Thousands more wereinjured, or needed medical assistance. The number of people who lost their homeswas staggering. Even more so was the number of people who went missing thatday. The Tohoku earthquake was, without a doubt, one of the worst things that theJapanese had ever had to face as a country, or society. Unfortunately, though,the destruction did not stop there. The earthquake and the tsunami had damagedthe nuclear power plant of Fukushima, causing it to leak highly radioactive waterdirectly into the Pacific Ocean at a rate of 300 tons per day! Thatradioactive water could not be directly contained, and it still plagues thewildlife of the ocean today. Long-term effects of this continued radiation leakhave only been estimated, as the currents in that area are so strong that thecontamination is moved far into the depths of the Pacific Ocean.Know any disasters that you think should have made the cut?Feel free to let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget tp like, comment, andsubscribe! We’ll see you next time!


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