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22nd of June 2018


Online Counseling for Dads - The Good Men Project

Being a Father is a Full-time Job

Fatherhood is stressful, and in addition to being a dad, many fathers have full-time jobs, and all dads have other life commitments. There are different situations such as single dads, new fathers, dads who have partners. There are certain situations that separate dads from their children due to the father’s occupation or life circumstances. An example would be fathers in the military who are often away from their children. Regardless of how being a dad looks for you, it’s a full-time job.

When Dad’s Away

Being away from your kids as a father is demanding, and especially if you are in a job that requires you to travel a lot. You will probably feel the stress of your position and miss your family. If you’re a dad who commutes for business a lot, it is likely difficult for you to make appointments to see a therapist. Online mental health counseling is always available to you and is flexible and adjustable to your schedule, and if you can’t make it into an office to see a therapist in person, seeing an online counselor can be an excellent option for you.

Getting Divorced

When a dad splits up from his partner, this can be a challenging time for him. He might want to speak to friends and family about what he’s going through, but find it hard to do so. It also might be hard to speak about these issues in person, and he may find the confidentiality and intimacy of online counseling freeing. When you have a safe place to share your innermost feelings, it’s comforting to a dad who is in the process of separation.


There are multiple ways to communicate with an online counselor, and maybe he feels more comfortable using messaging rather than video chat or vice versa. Each person has a different mode of communication that they feel most comfortable using. It’s up to that individual how they think they communicate most efficiently and can internalize information the best. When you’re talking to an online counselor, you want to be able to feel heard and understood.

Is it Private?

Talking about your problems through an online counseling service might cause a father to have anxiety. Discussing private concerns about fatherhood could make a dad more anxious than usual. What if the session is heard or seen by others? An unexpected benefit of online counseling is the privacy. You can choose where and when you speak to your counselor. It could be in your bedroom or private office space. Wherever you feel the most comfortable speaking freely, that’s the best place to have sessions.

Being Open and Honest

Therapy is the most effective when the client is open and honest. When a dad is seeing an online counselor, he will likely feel freer to express himself and talk candidly about insecurities he might have with fatherhood. Being a new dad is hard. Though he might have other fathers to confide it, it could be challenging to express his doubts about being a dad. Talking to an online counselor can help a dad find the confidence he needs to feel positive about fatherhood.

Getting Help is Possible

Fatherhood is one of the most rewarding and also complex roles a man can have. It’s exciting to see your kids grow and change in front of your eyes. However, the challenges of being a dad are great. Speaking to a mental health professional that empathizes with what you’re going through, as a father is something that can benefit you and make you into an even better dad than you already are.

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