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19th of November 2018


Three Things I've Learned About Starting Your Own Farm - The Good Men Project

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With so much focus on organic, free-range, and vegan products now, creating some sort of self-sufficient life for ourselves is one of those options that we seriously consider. After all, regardless of your age or generation, whether a millennial or a baby boomer, everything is getting more expensive so we think about ways to keep ourselves self sustainable. So, when you consider raising a couple of chickens, or growing a few vegetables, your thoughts could turn to starting a little farm of your own. But is this a wise move?

Isn’t It A Big Cost? At the very outset it can be, not just in the financial sense, but in a physical sense. At the end of the day, there is a lot of preparation to ensure that a farming environment is a productive one. Even if you are setting up a little hut or shed at the back of your garden, or purchasing a plot of land somewhere, you still need to ensure the environment is thriving enough to produce what you require. This means that you may have to purchase a few things in advance to get you off on the right foot; you may need to buy a rig mat, various tools, and safety equipment to get the environment as effective as possible. In addition to this, the learning curve could be very steep, especially if you have no prior knowledge. It’s a great idea in theory to become more self-sustaining, but you have to be aware of the impact it can have on you and your wallet.Is It More Hassle Than It’s Worth? It depends on your attitude. If you can’t grow a plant for love nor money, because you forget to water it, are you actually cut out for this type of lifestyle? But, if you have the passion, then you need to test the waters. Yes, there is a lot to consider as far as the pressures on your life are concerned, especially if you have a job that you do from Monday to Friday. This is why gardening and similar pastimes are usually reserved for those in retirement, but when you are looking at setting up a way to become self-sufficient, it’s not something that will happen overnight.Is It Sustainable? Get it right, and you can provide enough food to keep you going, but get it wrong, and you may find yourself in a heap of trouble, not to mention debt. This is why you starting your own farm can be a very bad move. It’s always important when you are considering these type of things, to see if it is sustainable based on the environment you’re in, but in terms of what you want out of the farm. Having a couple of chickens in the back garden could be sustainable, but you have to remember the care and attention you need to give them. So, with that in mind, if you have the attitude, and you are definitely serious about doing this, it can certainly provide a great example to your children, and it can be a perfect way to develop an ethical approach to your lifestyle, not to mention the hard work that you have to put in it is very rewarding.

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