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Top 10 INCREDIBLE Smallest Inhabited Islands!!! - The Good Men Project

—Top 10 INCREDIBLE Smallest Inhabited Islands!!! From Beautiful Volcanic Islands to rocks with a single house…stay tuned to number 1 to find out which is the lowest populated in the world!—

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From Beautiful Volcanic Islands to rocks with a single house…stay tuned to number 1 to

find out which is the lowest populated in the world!Number 10: Tristan da Cuhna.We start off our list with one of the most well-known islands of this type: Tristan daCuhna.Actually, this is a group of volcanic islands in the south of the Atlantic, the farthestinhabited archipelago on the planet, but it’s always been perceived as a whole, so it cheatedit way onto the list.The March 2016 census showed that there were 293 people living on Tristan da Cuhna, andit is believed that the current population of this place came from 15 original settlers…eightmen and seven women, who came to the archipelago during the 19th century.These men were European, but the women were actually coming from mixed racial backgrounds;however, not all people on Tristan da Cuhna have mixed ancestry.In 1961, the archipelago was evacuated, due to a volcanic eruption, but the people returnedtwo years later, and it was then that some new settlers arrived on Tristan da Cuhna.Out of all the places in the world, they chose to come back to Tristan da Cuhna…I guessno place feels like home.Before we get moving on, don’t forget to like this video and subscribe for more videos byZero2Hero!Number 9: Marathi.This is one of the best-kept secrets of Greece.Everybody’s heard about the big, well-known islands of Greece, but when you say “Marathi,”it doesn’t ring a bell.Marathi is a beautiful, small island with a really, really small population…only fivepeople live there.It’s one of the candidates for Greece’s least populated island, if not the least populatedone, but this is really hard to tell.The island is so unknown that, until recently, it was very hard to find a photo of it.Now, of course, the situation is different, but Marathi remains a gem in the crown ofGreek islands.According to the information that can be obtained, the only people living on the island of Marathi(other than few tourists every now and then) are the Emilianos family, who came here backin 1977.Even now, there is almost nothing on the island.But back then…there really wasn’t anything: no electricity, no water supply, etc.The Emilianos family took care of everything; it wasn’t easy, but they put in a lot of hardwork and made it.And after a while, occasional guests started coming by.During the summer months, tourists can stay in a hotel and dine in a tavern, but it’snever crowded.This is why Marathi is the best known “hidden” resort for all true lovers of unexplored orsemi-explored travel destinations in Greece.Number 8: Bisevo.Before we say anything about the island of Bisevo, one thing has to be cleared: it’sactually a Croatian island, and it’s very hard to differentiate the islands of Croatia,because many of them are so similar!The Croatian coast is a long one, and there are hundreds of islands and islets.It’s really hard to choose just one as the smallest and least inhabited, especially becausethe population figures are unreliable, but our pick goes to the island of Bisevo.Bisevo is located in the Adriatic Sea, and it’s close to the island of Vis.It’s famous for its Blue Grotto, a sea cave located in the Balun Bay, which is one ofthe most beautiful natural wonders of the Adriatic coast.Bisevo also has wonderful sandy beaches.According to the 2001 census, the island of Bisevo had only 19 permanent residents, 8of which were 65 and older.It’s really a beautiful island and, quite possibly, one of the least inhabited in theworld.Number 7: Migingo Island This island, located in Lake Victoria, isspecial for several reasons.First of all, it is extremely densely populated, which is pretty rare for islands of its size.Secondly…it has been the subject of a long-lasting territorial dispute between Uganda and Kenya.What happened in 2008 was that both countries actually decided to claim this island as theirterritory.According to the 2009 census, Migingo had a population of 131.The majority of the people on the island were living as fishermen and fish traders.Supposedly, the island lay abandoned before 1991.That same year, two fishermen from Kenya came here and started the first settlement; theysay that the whole island was full of weeds and snakes when they first arrived, but itall started changing soon.Later on, more and more people came to the island, mostly as fishermen, and a small communitybegan forming.Number 6: Pitcairn.Pitcairn is the only inhabited islands in the Pitcairn Islands, which is a name forthe group of islands in the Pacific Ocean.The inhabitants of Pitcairn actually descend from nine mutineers on the famous ship Bounty,and a group of Tahitians who came along with them.Today, there are still only around 50 people on the island.It has been said that, in the past, this group of islands was actually inhabited by Polynesianswho lived here by trading goods under long canoe voyages.But, over the years these islands became vacated.When the islands were discovered (or, better yet…rediscovered) by the European explorers,they were uninhabited.But today, Pitcairn fights on against population desertion with its few inhabitants, willingto stay there no matter what.Number 5: Foula.Don’t let the name deceive you.The island’s name just sounds like “foul” but it’s actually quite the opposite, Foulais a beautiful island, located in the Shetland Archipelago of Scotland, and it is home tosome of the most beautiful landscapes of all the Scottish islands.So, about that name: Foula is actually an Old Norse derivative for “bird island” and,as the name says, it is the home to many species of birds.As for the population, There’s only 38 people, living in two settlements.In the past, the people of Foula worked as fishermen, but nowadays..they’re mostly farmers,with some of them working in tourism, helping birdwatchers.There is a ferry service to the island, but it’ll take you two hours to reach Foula.So, it’s great and all, no doubt about it…it just makes grocery-shopping a bit…difficult.Number 4: Suarrow.Imagine having an island all to yourself.A wonderful idea, right?Well, in the case of Suarrow, this is more than a great idea…it’s reality.The island of Suarrow, part of the Cook Islands in the Pacific Ocean, has a population of…2.Yup, that’s it, just two people live here, and their job is to be caretakers or rangers,doing this as a full-time job.The position of the Suarrow Island nature Reserve Caretaker is advertised every fiveyears, and it’s open from April to October.In the beginning, the two caretakers would bring their families with them, but this hasbeen changed in the recent years.The two caretakers are brought to the island via boat, along with all the supplies neededfor six month time.It’s definitely not easy getting the job, because you must prove skillful and resourceful.But once you get there, you have the island all to yourself.Number 3: Kerrera.This is an island located in the Scottish Inner Hebrides, with only two small communitiesand a population of around 40 people, depending on which census you refer to.If you want to reach it, there are two ferry services to take you there from the town ofOban.It’s pretty small, with its 4.3 miles in length and 1.2 miles in width, so you have sparetime, you can easily walk around and enjoy its beautiful scenery.There is an old tower house, built in the 16th century, and the scenery is…well, breathtaking,to say the least.Given the facts, it’s no wonder that the island’s main industry is tourism…with a little sheepfarming, thrown in for good measure.Number 2: Just Room Enough Island.You know that saying: “It’s funny ’cause it’s true?”Well, it’s fully applicable when it comes to this island or, should we say, islet?If you just have room to place a house on an island, you might as well call that island“Just Room Enough.”On it, there is a house, some shrubs, a small beach and one tree.And…that’s about it.The island’s story is this: a family bought it back in the 50s, with an idea of buildinga getaway of peace and quiet.You might say that the family overstretched the concept a little bit, but…the holidaygetaway got made!Unfortunately, tourists and onlookers started flocking in, so the peace-and-quite bit gotscraped.It’s located on the Saint Lawrence River, and it’s quite an attraction.When you look at it from afar, it sometimes looks like the house is floating!Some of you might say that this is cheating, because…it is just that, a house on water,not a real island.But, you are mistaken: in order for something to be considered an island, it has to haveat least one tree on it (check!), it must be above water level throughout the year (check!)and it must exceed one square foot (check!).So, with all three conditions met, Just Room Enough has enough to be called a full-fledgedisland.Number 1: Dunbar Rock Villa.Wait a minute?Is it an island or a rock?Or a floating villa?Well, it’s a little bit of all three, actually.You can call it…a rock island villa, because that’s what it is.And it’s beautiful.The only way to arrive at Dunbar Villa is by boat or helicopter, but once you’re there…you’llbe blown away by the beauty of the place.Technically speaking, this is not an inhabited island, because there are no permanent residentdwellers here; however, it’s packed all year round, because, think about it…who wouldn’twant to enjoy this gorgeous scenery?Dunbar Villa is located in the Caribbean, some 44 miles off the north of Honduras, andit has its own swimming pools, balconies and sunbathing areas, for the guests to enjoythemselves.There’s even a private beach!Needless to say, it’s pretty expensive, but it’s definitely worth it.Dunbar Rock, here we come (or at least we’d like to)!What is your favorite small island?Let us know in the comments below and…take care!

—This post was previously published on YouTube.

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