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40 Short Hairstyle Ideas for Thin, Fine Hair

As a girl with thin, pin-straight Asian hair, I’ve always struggled with deciding whether or not to cut my hair. My dark, natural color made me get hot and sweaty quickly, which caused my waist-length hair to stick to any part of my arms or back. Finally, my senior year of college, I took the plunge and cut a foot of my hair off just below my shoulder, and I’ve kept my hair mid-length or shorter ever since. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made—I feel like I look more mature, and I don’t have to suffer through hot, sticky summers anymore.

If you also have thin hair and have been debating whether or not to chop it off, celebrity hairstylist Glen Coco has tips for you. “People with fine hair should always request styles and cuts that don’t take away from the thickness and density of their hair,” he says. “With fine hair, you want cuts that are a little more blunt to maintain the look of thick hair.”

He always recommends that people with fine hair ask for more blunt haircuts, less face framing, and less layering, because any over-layering with fine hair can really make hair look thinner. If you’re not ready and want to test the waters first, there’s always the option to buy a wig to test out the style you’re going for. Need more inspiration? Find 40 short hairstyles for thin hair, ahead.

1 Platinum Blunt Cut

Influencer Katy DeGroot effortlessly wears a Draco Malfoy-esque platinum blonde look on her blunt cut bob. The style frames her face to show off her glam makeup look.

2 Low Bun

Take a cue from this VS Angel and throw your hair up in a low bun and leave some chin-length pieces out for a flattering face-framing updo.

3 The Asymmetrical Bob

Karlie Kloss can pull off any hairstyle, but we love how hair stylist Justine Marjan made her thin hair look thicker with this fresh, asymmetrical blunt cut with the ends flipped in.

4 Rose Gold Waves

Ashley Tisdale looks “fabulous” (HSM fans will get it) with her wavy rose gold locks. The tousled texture helps thin hair look more voluminous.

5 Classic Cornrows

Opt for a protective style for summer, and don't forget to accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

6 Slicked Back

Charlotte Lawrence looks edgy and editorial with a slicked back look.

7 Side Part

Sometimes all it takes to refresh your hair style is wearing a different part. Tessa Thompson's deep side part looks instantly sophisticated.

8 ‘70s-Inspired Glam

Becky G makes the ‘70s come back with this feathered bob parted down the middle and curled in toward her ears.

9 Retro-Inspired

Lupita Nyong'o demonstrates that all you need is a well-placed scarf tied up in your hair.

10 Easy Waves + Balayage

No one makes red carpet glam look as effortless as Gemma Chan. Her thin, brown balayage locks are curled just so to add a little volume.

11 Air-Dried & Flipped Out

Zara Larsson goes for natural glam with seemingly air-dried hair and neutral makeup. Take a flat iron and flip out the ends ever so slightly to add some dimension.

12 Beach Babe Waves

If you’re blonde and don’t go for the beach wave look in the summertime, you’re doing it wrong. Kristin Cavallari looks youthful and bouncy with this style.

13 Edgy Layers

Want to go for something totally unexpected? Try these heavy-handed layers that leave more hair at the top of the head than the bottom.

14 Center Part Blunt Bob

Short-haired girls can do dramatic looks, too. Go for a strong center part, and super precisely cut blunt ends for a head-turning, cheek-grazing style.

15 Natural Waves

Millie Bobby Brown's natural-looking waves are bouncy as ever. Deeply side part your hair on the opposite side of your natural part to get the extra volume at the front.

16 Ultra-Short Wet Look

If your hair is cut at the nape of your neck, amp up your everyday style with a messy wet look. This model has some pulled out pieces around her face to make the style appear more just-woke-up.

17 Sleek Chin-Length Bob

Get a fuss-free look for summer with a straightened bob chopped right at your chin.

18 Asymmetrical

The asymmetrical cut on bob gives a cool, new take on the wet look.

19 Bangs + A Bun

Take the longest pieces that frame your face and pull them out of your high bun to get this elegant, chic look that Desi Perkins wears.

20 The Ear Tuck

This mod hair look is perfect for days when you don't have time to do much, but still want to look put-together.

21 Textured Bob

If your hair falls right below your chin, take a flatiron or curling wand to add some waves (not curls!) for an easy, breezy look.

22 Bright Yellow Waves

How about a new dye job? Nikita Dragun isn’t one to shy away from bold hair colors, and this bright yellow is definitely one that will make you stand out in the crowd.

23 Naturally Straight

Nicol Concillo looks easy-going and fresh with her thin hair naturally straight and effortless.

24 Pulled Back

This look is all about showing off your bone structure. Slick it all back like a ponytail, but leave the ends out behind your ears.

25 Triple Tier

Just because you have short hair doesn't mean that you can't have creative hairstyles for formal events. Take a cue from Tessa Thompson and wear a triple-tiered updo.

26 Blown Out Waves

Give your hair a slight bend like Mariah Leonard’s lob with a 1-½” curling iron.

27 Technicolor

Makeup guru Jkissa went to colorist extraordinaire Guy Tang to get this ultra-bright, goth-inspired technicolor dream.

28 Scarlet Witch

Try out this deep red for a style that ScarJo’s Scarlet Witch would be jealous of.

29 Easy Updo

Kendall Jenner looks pretty in pink with this easy updo created by Jen Atkin. Middle part your hair and pull it back to the center of your head into a loose bun and curl skinny pieces for a little extra character.

30 Finger Waves

Look regal by slicking your short hair into shiny, shiny finger waves.

31 The Electric Undercut

Make a serious statement with this highlighter yellow bowl cut, complete an undercut design at the nape of the neck.

32 Fringey Bangs

Amp up your bob with some seriously fringe-y bangs that hit right at the top of your eyebrows.

33 Pin-Straight Hi-Lo Bob

This subtle hi-lo blunt cut bob looks even more chic when it’s super straight.

34 The Micro Bob

Channel your inner Catherine Zeta Jones in Chicago with this ‘20s-inspired microbob, and amp it up by curling the ends of all of your hair in—including your bangs.

35 Blow-Dried Collar-Length Bob

Embrace a little volume by blowing your collar-length bob out straight.

36 Tight Top Knot

Try out Beyonce’s tight top knot by twisting your hair to sit at the tip of your crown. For a more natural look, allow your flyaways to, well, fly free.

37 Baby Blue Waves

Lucy Boynton made some beautiful blue waves on the Met Gala’s pink carpet with these textured teal locks. Top off your complete look with a flower crown, why not?

38 Orange Bends

This orange color is bound to make a statement regardless of what season it is, and the tousled style with just a slight bend in the middle totally completes it.

39 The Power Lob

Take this style from the office to the red carpet like Margot Robbie, complete with a blazer and all.

40 Modern Mullet

The mullet isn't dead, and you could have a lot of fun with styling the cut. "I removed the majority of the volume in her hair by flattening and tucking away the back and sides to give a more extreme mullet appearance," celebrity hair stylist Lacy Redway says. "You can give your haircuts and hairstyles a different looks with the right styling products."

Kristin Corpuz Kristin is a musician and freelance beauty, travel, and fashion editor and writer based in Los Angeles, and she is a proud graduate of Berklee College of Music. Read More

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