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Céline Dion Just Landed Her First-Ever Beauty Contract with L'Oréal Paris

There's no stopping Céline Dion. The singer has sold more than 245 million albums worldwide and created the soundtracks to our lives (choice breakup anthem: "All By Myself"). Her prolific career has not only endured, but thrived since the early '90s. She's currently in the eighth year of her second Las Vegas concert residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace which will end on June 8. She's also constantly reinventing herself, emerging as a fashion icon in recent years and creating a line of gender-neutral children's clothes, Celinenununu. Now, at 51, she has landed her first-ever beauty contract.

Today, L'Oréal Paris announces Céline as its newest Global Spokesperson. Her first campaign with the brand will be a television ad for Excellence Hair Color debuting April 22. She has had a line of namesake perfumes since 2003, but this marks her first time fronting a major beauty brand.

"I never saw that coming, especially at 51 years old," Céline said of her new gig in a press release. "When you think I’m done, I’m just starting. I am finishing the shows at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. I am releasing a new English album and going on tour. And, my association with L'Oréal Paris is the beginning of a new amazing journey for me."

image Céline getting ready in Vegas with L’Oréal Paris.

Courtesy of L'Oréal Paris

"I want everyone to feel that they have the right to express themselves," she continued, "Whether it is through fashion and beauty, by using their voice or through something else that’s important to them...I truly admire what L'Oréal Paris stands for and I’m excited to use my voice to empower everyone to feel beautiful, confident and to learn to embrace themselves."

You can take her word for it—Dion is the embodiment of pure confidence. Just look at these incredible photos taken behind-the-scenes at L'Oréal Paris's event in Vegas to announce Celine's new role:

image Confidence on a stairwell!

Courtesy of L'Oréal Paris

What is happening here? Who cares! It's Céline and she DGAF like a queen. As she put it in her own words in the press statement, "I am now embracing myself and feel free to do what I want, where I want, when I want." It shows!

image Confidence on a pool table!

Courtesy of L'Oréal Paris

Wait, there's more:

image Confidence on a banister!

Courtesy of L'Oreal Paris

If you can bottle up her gusto and sell it in beauty products, we'll take it. Congratulations, Céline!

Kristina Rodulfo Senior Beauty Editor Kristina Rodulfo is the Senior Beauty Editor of ELLE.com—she oversees beauty across ELLE's digital media platforms and is an expert in product testing, identifying trends, and exploring the intersections of beauty, culture, and identity. Read More

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