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A man hands me his business card and asks for mine.How should I know my business? The worldis my business, and the world is none of my business.

These words are shadows of thoughtsshaped nothing like those thoughts.Am I a distortionist?

My grief is the square root of my laughter,my laughter that of my grief.Perhaps a mathematician?

Maybe there is life on the other side of death.Maybe there is life on this side of death.Shall I start a detective agency, specialize in missing persons?

The man who is all business, who keeps himselfon the short leash of a necktie, pumps my handand invites me to dine. With its strict dress code,

the restaurant keeps a sports jacket at the coat check.Whose life hasn’t been that jacket,hung in shadow, furred with dust, waiting to be filled

by another stranger? A man hands me his business card,asks for mine. How should I know my business?The world is my business, and none of my business.

In winter, wind scrapes up and down the walk—a bladeacross the sharpening stone. This, I think, is my business.Or blond light sauntering in spring, the whole city on its arm.

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