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‘Solo’ Writer Wanted to Include More ‘Star Wars Holiday Special’ References

Solo would have had more references to the Star Wars Holiday Special had co-writer Jon Kasdan gotten his way. The spin-off wasn't exactly what fans were looking for right after the release of The Last Jedi and it didn't really get the attention it deserved as it was overshadowed by backlash of the aforementioned movie. With that being said, fans have started to come around to it since it was released digitally and on Blu-ray and there are more than a few of them who wish a sequel was on the way.

Would some more reference to the infamous Star Wars: Holiday Special have gotten more people excited for Solo? Probably not, but co-writer Jon Kasdan was intent to throw in a lot more references than he was able to. In fact, one of the references isn't even apparent in the movie, it has to be read in the script. One Star Wars fan happened to notice one reference in the script and asked if there were more. Kasdan had this to say.

"Yes. Did several versions of this. I like references to the Holiday Special & tried (& failed) to get more in. One of the frustrating things about making a SW is that you don't get to preview for a full audience like other movies & don't get to test jokes the way you'd like."

The scene in question comes when young Chewbacca introduces himself to young Han Solo for the first time, he does so as the son of Attichitcuk. This is an obvious reference to Itchy, Chewie's father in the Holiday Special. Chewie's family was definitely one of the more absurd aspects of the bonkers special that Lucasfilm wishes would go away. However, Jon Kasdan wants it to be back as a part of the official Star Wars canon.

George Lucas famously wanted to place a "reinvented" Attichitcuk in Revenge of the Sith, but the idea was ultimately scrapped at the end. Star Wars fans have been wondering if any more of Chewie's backstory will be told in the future Lucasfilm projects and the Disney+ streaming service seems like the perfect place to do so. It wouldn't have to do with the Skywalker saga and we could all learn more about the Wookiees on Kashyyyk.

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Now that Solo is being looked at in a better light, there are hopes that Lucasfilm will look into the possibility of a sequel. Alden Ehrenreich did sign up for more than one installment, so there is a contract which could be honored. Or maybe it will stay as a one-off, either way, a lot of fans enjoyed what it delivered, even if it didn't have enough references to the Star Wars Holiday Special. You can check out Jon Kasdan's Twitter answer to the Holiday Special references below.

Yes. Did several versions of this. I like references to the Holiday Special & tried (& failed) to get more in. One of the frustrating things about making a SW is that you don't get to preview for a full audience like other movies & don't get to test jokes the way you'd like. https://t.co/hsYNISo6QD

— Jon Kasdan (@JonKasdan) August 6, 2019

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